Foster Youth Power LA: Feedback Session

#FosterYouthInAction We formed groups and gave suggestions to the board of supervisors at the Feedback Session during Foster Youth Power LA. They took notes to assure our voice would be heard. We did not have any adults over us telling us what to do instead, we were put in leadership positions across the board. No one's voice was left out. We were all included and felt as one.

If you’ve never experienced foster care you may be puzzled by my comment, “we did not have any adults over us telling us what to do.” In foster care, we are compelled to do what the court, social worker, and foster parents decide for us.  These decisions are made without our input. We no longer have control over our lives. Most times we are placed in homes that are supposed to take place of a family but may have a hidden agenda (usually financial). There are many issues in foster care from lack of food, unfair rules, clear separation and mistreatment between foster youth and biological children in the home, sibling separation, 7 day notices to be removed immediately with no knowledge where we will go and oftentimes nowhere to go, abuse and neglect, moving from placement to placement, and much more. When these issues are addressed we are often told “that is just the way it is” and forced to deal with it. We are living in these homes, we must abide by rules to avoid facing retaliation and mistreatment. Even when we may know our rights and voice our concerns we are overlooked. This Feedback Session empowered and encouraged us to use our voices to create change.  


Foster Youth Power LA Experience

Foster Youth Power LA was an incredible experience. I love all the foster youth I met and the friendships I came in with. We come from all walks of life but we have this one thing in common. We came together to learn how we can play a significant role in impacting policies and injustices affecting us. 

We all took part in a youth organizing training led by SOUL. In this training, we grasp what it takes to be a part of today’s foster care movement. Some highlights were the history of foster care and how it became our current system today. Then, we dwelled into the process of organizing, discover how systems impact us, politics, & how to launch a campaign as a vehicle for social change. From strategies and tactics to assure our voices are heard to power mapping, evaluation, & collect action by standing up for each other. This training had it all! We were also given scenarios where we role played historical events of Child Welfare & Resistance and analyzed case studies. SO MUCH education, input, and power happened in this space!

I am inspired by all these individuals who want to see a change in the foster care system. They are making an impact. Not just for themselves but for all of us. Strength equals numbers and together we can make a difference.❤❤❤

Thank you @fyinaction and California Youth Connection & @nfyiinstitute for co-hosting this powerful event.✨