Sharing my story.

Junely Merwin entered the foster care system with her one month son at the age of fifteen. She advocates on behalf of foster youth through various organizations in Los Angeles and Orange County.


Junely Merwin, was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where she entered the foster care system with her one month old child at the age of fifteen and remained in care until she aged out at 21 years old. She has overcome overbearing obstacles from being born into a dysfunctional life of abuse, neglect, gangs, homelessness, and being a teen mother in foster homes. Since aging out of the system, Junely earned a full ride scholarship through the Guardian Scholars Program at California State University Fullerton. May 2019, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Mental Health, Administration, and Community Practice.

Junely’s troubled upbringing in the foster care system served as a catalyst that drove her to be a better mom and advocate for other foster youth. She actively advocates for improving the foster care system with various topics that range from mental health, life skills, resources, the importance of support systems, sex education, higher education, and an emphasis in teenage mothers. She is a member and the foster youth ambassador for Alliance of Moms who support teen parents in foster care. She’s represented various organizations such as Public Counsel, United Friends of The Children, Alliance for Children’s Rights, John Burton Foundation, and Foster Youth in Action.

My Mission

To inspire change and connect foster youth with resources, communities, and leadership opportunities to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Although I had my child young, he is not my obstacle, he is my motivation.
— Junely Merwin